JMH Capital Partners Announces Acquisition of BRADY

JMH Capital forms its second A/E/C platform of 2018:
Richard Brady & Associates - Water Engineers
JMH CAPITAL PARTNERS (JMH) has completed the majority recapitalization of Richard Brady & Associates (“BRADY”), a leading engineering services firm.

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, and founded in 1999, BRADY is a multi-discipline engineering firm specializing in water-related engineering and construction management (“CM”) services for water treatment facilities, pipelines, reservoirs, pump stations and other support facilities. Additionally, BRADY provides engineering and CM services for other public works such as roads, bridges, buildings, and subsurface utilities. BRADY is a nationally-renowned leader in its field, and was named San Diego region CM Firm of the Year in 2017 by the Construction Management Association of America, and led the engineering team that won the 2013 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement (OCEA) Award for its groundbreaking work on the Alvarado Water Treatment Plant Ozone Upgrade and Expansion Project. Rick Brady remains CEO of the practice, and Bill Siegel (former CEO, Kleinfelder) assumes the role of Chairman.

Rick Brady, Founder and CEO of BRADY, stated, “I am very excited about the future for my staff and the company overall.  The association with the strong business leadership of JMH combined with working with my good and highly energetic friend, Bill Siegel, presents unlimited new opportunities for BRADY.  It feels like I am founding the firm all over again, and I have a renewed passion and optimism for the future.”

“Water infrastructure, particularly in California, is in desperate need of development, expansion, and repair,” said Tate Bevis, Managing Director of JMH Capital. “The cutting-edge expertise at BRADY is critical to the future of California’s ability to provide a safe, clean, and reliable water supply to its residents.”

Following the February, 2018 recapitalization of Air Quality leader, All4, Inc., the investment in BRADY is JMH Capital’s second foray into the A/E/C industry. Working in partnership with industry veterans, Bill Siegel and Kevin McMahon, JMH is pursuing a broad effort to offer superior ownership and management transition options to successful engineering firms. Bill Siegel said, “After acquiring more than 50 firms in our careers, Kevin and I realized large corporate buyers are often not good homes for many leading engineering practices. And internal transitions are complicated, at best, and almost always inferior in terms of value. Working with JMH we feel a consolidation of like-minded engineering firms offers a better solution for many practice owners.”

BRADY and All4 will be managed as separate platform entities.  Both are actively seeking acquisitions that will add technical capabilities, additional related disciplines, and geographic reach.

“We couldn’t have found a better engineering firm, and group of individuals, with which to partner. Over many years, BRADY has worked on and delivered industry-leading design on landmark projects worldwide. BRADY'S reputation and resume in water infrastructure is second to none.”

- John Nies | Managing Partner, JMH