Investment Initiative: Fluid Power

Focus on Fluid Power Distribution

JMH CAPITAL PARTNERS (JMH) is pleased to announce that it has partnered with an experienced executive in order to identify and acquire attractive fluid power distribution businesses.

This executive is a veteran of the industry who built an international distribution platform for one of the major fluid power OEMs. In addition to this experience, he possesses significant digital distribution solutions expertise. The collection of fluid power industry knowledge, M&A experience, and digital solutions capabilities formed by this JMH-Executive partnership provides prospective sellers with a unique opportunity to achieve personal liquidity goals while ensuring their business and employees are not rationalized by a strategic buyer, but rather given the opportunity for further growth and long-term success in a technologically evolving landscape.
Together, we seek to build an industry-leading fluid power platform, providing owners with a compelling alternative to the current succession and ownership transition options in the market. Our initial objective is to establish our platform through the combination of one or more companies with the following characteristics:

- Local / regional leadership position
- Top-notch talent
- Strong customer service orientation
- Collaborative culture
- Revenue: $10-$100 million
Upon establishing the initial platform, JMH intends to drive growth via:
- The extension of best practices, products, services
- The implementation of complex digital solutions across the portfolio
- The prudent acquisition of complementary businesses