• About JMH Capital Partners

    An Operationally Driven Private Equity Firm

    JMH CAPITAL PARTNERS (JMH) is an operationally-oriented private equity firm based in Boston, focused on successful businesses with $5 million to $150 million of revenue. We seek to invest in exceptional companies that have the potential, but are lacking the resources or experience necessary, to double or triple their size.


    JMH Capital differentiates itself from traditional private equity groups by the considerable senior-level operating experience of its partners. The JMH Capital team has significant experience building businesses across a range of industries and transaction types. We bring an extensive array of resources – strategic, financial, operational, and transactional – to the businesses and management teams we partner with during our investment.


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  • Industry Focus

    JMH Capital invests across a variety of industries, with a specific focus on Industrial, Services, and Consumer. Within these industries, JMH Capital has the following sector initiatives. Additional details regarding JMH Capital's investment philosophy and criteria can be found below.


      • Building Products
      • Fluid Power Products
      • Manufacturing
      • Safety Equipment
      • Inspection Services
      • Industrial Services
      • Value-Added Distribution
      • Rental Equipment
      • Automotive & Marine


        • Engineering
        • Environmental
        • Recycling
        • Facilities Services
        • Fixed Based Operators (FBO)
        • Restoration & Remediation


          • Consumer Products
          • Food & Beverage
          • Franchise
          • Outdoor Products & Recreation
          • Skin Care & Personal Care
        • Our Team

          Meet the JMH Capital team

          JMH Capital has assembled an extraordinary team of investment professionals. With more than 50 years of combined experience in general management, marketing, finance, operations, management consulting, and crisis management across a broad array of industries, our team has collectively completed over 30 acquisitions representing over $500 million of invested capital to date.

          Managing Partner

          Managing Director

        • Management Partner

          Management Partner

          Management Partner

          Senior Adviser

        • Chief Financial Officer

          Director of Business Development


        • Investment Philosophy

          Given our investing style, we put a premium on open, honest, respectful, and collaborative partnerships. Many of the operating executives and resources brought to bear in each of our investments are people with whom we’ve developed relationships in past transactions. The partners of JMH invest significant personal capital alongside our limited partners and co-investors in EVERY transaction. We approach the business issues and management decisions as individual owners of the company.

          JMH as the Ideal Capital Partner

          We have a long track record of working successfully with businesses to accelerate their growth. Typically we seek companies that have a market-leading product or service but are otherwise constrained from growing more rapidly or realizing better profitability.


          The collaborative, “roll up our sleeves” nature of our relationships with management allows us to address a broad range of strategic, financial, and operational issues over the lifecycle of each investment. We generally invest in fewer portfolio companies and dedicate more of our personal time to each. We use the experience we’ve gained as operators growing similar businesses, to help drive highly profitable growth, improve operating performance, and acquire complementary operations during our investment period.

          Transaction Types

            JMH will consider a variety of transaction types and structures, customized to each situation and unique goals of the business owner. Over its history, JMH has completed transactions structured as:

            • 100% buyouts
            • Majority recapitalizations
            • Corporate carve-outs
            • Management-led buyouts (MBOs)
            • Select minority and growth equity investments

            Equity Investment


            Up to $25 Million per Transaction



            Control of the Portfolio Company, or Joint-Control of the Company with Co-Investors

            Focus Industries


            Industrial, Services, and Consumer

            Company Size

            • $5 - $150 Million of Revenue
            • $1 - $15 Million of EBITDA

            Desired Characteristics

              JMH invests in companies that have significant potential for growth and/or internal development.
              • Successful firms with leadership in a product or geographical niche
              • Strong value proposition reflected in attractive variable margins
              • Strong culture with best-in-class talent, recruiting, and development
              • Multiple opportunities to grow with the addition of resources and talent
              • Shareholders seeking an ownership or management transition

              Unique Characteristics

                Though we welcome the opportunity to work with existing management teams, through our extensive network of operating resources we have the ability to embrace the following situations:

                • Retiring ownership that wants to exit the business quickly
                • Corporate spin-outs in need of executive leadership and new business infrastructure
                • Incomplete management teams in need of supplementation
              • Operating Resources

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                Operating Resources

                Building Value Through World-Class Management


                Management Partners

                Industry-Leading Operating Partners


                Executive Recruiter Program

                Fantastic Network of Active Industry Executives


                Management Candidates

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