• The JMH Difference

    The JMH team is a comprised of experienced industry leaders who take an “operator’s” mindset to running and growing a business. We invest in exceptional companies that have the potential to accelerate their growth with the proper set of resources in place.


    We invest a large amount of our personal time and capital in each transaction, and only get involved with businesses and people that we are passionate about. We also tend to commit to a much longer investment and development period than most private equity firms. Some of points of difference include:

    • Open, honest, respectful, and collaborative partnerships
    • Active assistance with implementation of the company's plans
    • Driving value through improved operating performance via the JMH team, and our exceptional network of talent
    • Business builders, not asset managers, investing significant personal capital in every transaction
    • Willing to provide flexible structures and outcomes for owners
    • A deep, fundamental appreciation that great businesses are built through investment in great people
  • Intermediaries

    Building Relationships through Integrity, Creativity, and Initiative

    JMH relies on the relationships we’ve developed over the last twenty years to introduce us to investment opportunities and operating executives. These relationships consist of a wide range of transaction intermediaries, accountants, attorneys, lenders, executives and executive search firms. Developing and maintaining these relationships is central to what we do and an important element of our success.


    Whatever the situation, we invest the time to understand the shareholder’s goals. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly, and we do not hesitate to dig into more complicated or “story” transactions, so long as the business has a fundamentally sound business model. We have a long track record of creative transaction structuring that has led to mutually successful outcomes for both the buyer and seller. Throughout each transaction review, you can be assured that we will:

    • Maintain complete confidentiality
    • Provide prompt feedback
    • Adhere to deadlines
    • Do what we say we’re going to do

    Buy-Side Fee Agreements and Submission of Business Plans

    JMH enters into customary buy-side fee agreements for introductions to investment opportunities that are not already represented by another intermediary, or for those situations where JMH has not previously been introduced.

    Our standard fee agreement, as well as CAs, can be be obtained from Drew Sabia, at dsabia@jmhcapital.com or by calling (617) 910-2607.

  • Business Owners

    JMH typically partners with business owners who are looking to transition their business or need capital to lead their company into its next chapter of growth. We recognize that selling all or part of your company is a big deal, no matter how big or small the transaction is. Choosing the right partner is often times more important than the capital itself.

    We have a strong focus and deep experience working with entrepreneur-owned and family owned companies in the lower middle market. As operators ourselves we understand the day-to-day challenges in growing a business and we can appreciate the time, hard work and dedication you’ve put into building your enterprise. We’re not the type of private equity to outsource tasks or sit back in a Board seat. Our team is personally committed and will stand elbow to elbow with you and your team to get the job done.

  • Executives

    We believe great operating companies are built through investments in great people. A key to our success has been creating an exceptional network of bright and talented executives to work with. We are always looking to add to our network.

    Some of the ways we work with executives include:

    • C-Level and management positions within our portfolio companies
    • Board members and board advisors
    • Management partners within our focus industries
    • Referrals to investment opportunities or other operating executives

    If you are interested in exploring opportunities with JMH or simply want to network with us, please contact us or join our mailing list. We’d love to meet you.