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Investment Initiative: Restaurants & Retail

  • Partnered with multiple restaurant and franchise CEOs with experience growing national brands
  • JMH team that led the growth of the Dunkin' Donuts Orlando market from an initial 4 stores to 17 at the time of divestiture


We are seeking businesses with the following characteristics.


  • Both food and non-food concepts
  • Stable, semi-mature concepts that have:
    • a clearly-defined, repeatable unit model
    • consistent profitability at the vast majority of locations
    • demonstrated success in franchising, with or without a franchise organization

Company-Owned Locations or Franchisee:

  • Open to a broad range of concepts and stages of development
  • Unit economics of 15%+ profit margins at the majority of locations
  • In geographic territories with potential to expand
  • Sales to investment ratios of 3 to 1 or better
  • 2-to-3 year cash-on-cash payback of build-out expenses preferred
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