Investment Initiative: AEC

JMH CAPITAL PARTNERS has partnered with two veterans of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry (“AEC”) to establish an experienced and focused team dedicated to pursuing investment opportunities in the AEC industry. The executive partnership brings over 60 years of combined AEC experience running multi-national firms and delivering a diverse set of service lines to multiple end markets. The team has extensive M&A experience, having executed over 50 transactions in the AEC industry.
This collaborative effort provides a unique opportunity for business owners in the AEC industry to benefit both financially and strategically from the collective experience and capital support of the combined team JMH has established. JMH is actively seeking investment opportunities in the industry and is particularly interested in the sub-specialties listed below.

  • Design Engineering
  • Geo-technical & Geologic Engineering
  • Environmental Sciences & Engineering
  • Facility & Operations Compliance
  • Materials Engineering & Testing
  • Construction Management
  • Program Management