• Endres Processing

    An Innovator in High-Quality, High-Energy Animal Feed

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    Category: Animal Feed Manufacturer

    Transaction Type: Recapitalization, 2004

    Add-On Acquisitions: Advanced Organics, 2006

    Endres Processing collects commercial bakery and other food by-products and recycles them into animal feed. Its state-of-the-art processing technology provides a high-quality, high-energy food source to the livestock industry, and enhances the environment by saving valuable landfill space.


    Endres Processing began in 1986 when the Endres family farm began feeding bakery food products to their cattle. Soon Endres realized that processing various food products into one consistent feed ingredient provides the livestock producer with a product that is nutritionally and economically superior to corn.


    Today, Endres, through the development of the industry’s most technically advanced production capability, can convert a wide range of foodstuffs, including liquids, into a highly consistent feed product with customized nutritional and energy profiles. Most typically, Endres recycles a wide variety of inedible food products from snack-food manufacturers and commercial bakeries, such as cookies, dough, cereal, pasta, crackers, bread, bagels, chips, and sweets.


    During JMH’s ownership, Endres increased its revenue by a factor of 5x, and grew its earnings by a factor of 8x. Endres was acquired by an industry participant with a complementary geographical footprint in 2012.